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It is the purpose of Victory Christian Academy to provide a well-rounded Christian education for its students. Our goal is to train and teach students that they can excel in education. We strive to give the best we can and help them strengthen their weak areas. By providing an education with Biblical principles, we believe our students receive the best that is offered in education today. It is our conviction that a Christian school is obligated to incorporate the Bible in academic studies. It is our goal that the "SPlRlT of EXCELLENCE" shall be demonstrated in every area of our school.




Victory Christian Academy (VCA) offers 13 years of education from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The academic year will be based on nine-week quarters. The general spiritual objective within the pages of each of the basic academic subjects is to train the child to see life from God's point of view, to shape attitude, and to mold character to the image of Jesus. Thus, VCA rejects the philosophy/religion of humanism, which we believe to be inconsistent with the Holy Scriptures and harmful to society. Furthermore, we cannot accept humanism in any form.




1. The student should progress toward a well-balanced life while enrolled in the school. Attitudes and motives are extremely important in this progression.

2. The student should gain essential social skills for a well-adjusted life.

3. The student should acquire study skills which equip him/her to become a lifetime learner.

             4. The student should realize the place that authority occupies in society and in the church.

5. The student should exhibit progress in all academic endeavors.

6. The student should obtain academic knowledge and skills necessary for a productive life.

7. The student should expand his knowledge and skills, according to his/her ability, beyond the discipline and curriculum offered by the school.

8. The student should learn the importance of placing the priorities of this life in proper order.

In summary, the school should stimulate the student to improvement in the following areas:

spiritual life, mental life, social life and physical life.


In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible clearly shows us that parents are to train their children in the right way. Therefore, we desire that the parents are actively involved with the school and are aware of their child's progress at all times by reinforcing at home their child's school work.

Parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled as needed to insure the best possible progress of a child's learning. To prevent misunderstandings, parents and teachers are expected to communicate quickly on all questions concerning school matters.

In the area of discipline, we need the parents to support the faculty and staff, to openly discuss the problem, then for the parents to choose whatever means of discipline is necessary for the situation. The faculty will not take any measures of discipline without the parent's consent. We want to work with the parents and not against them.


A book/registration fee is to be paid prior to the ordering of materials. This does not cover any supplies the students may need for particular classes, nor does it cover any testing at the end of the year. Also, VCA is a conviction school, therefore, we do not charge tuition. We ask that the parents determine what they can give weekly or monthly and be faithful to fulfill that commitment.


God desires his children to behave in a manner that displays self-control, submission, respect and orderliness. Students should take pride in their school facility and must conduct themselves accordingly.


(Teachers may add other necessary rules)

1. Students must always be respectful of others' rights and property and of those in authority.

2. Students are expected to enter the classroom quietly, take their seats, sharpen pencils, etc., before the class starts.

3. Talking, when allowed, is to be done in a conversational tone. Students are not to whistle, yell, run or be rowdy in the building.

            4. Permission to speak must be obtained by raising the hand. When talking is permitted, the class must not become loud and boisterous, as to disturb other classes.

5. Writing and passing notes, tossing objects, playing with irrelevant objects and other such disruptive acts are not allowed in the class.

6. If a student has to leave the classroom for any reason, it must be done with permission only, he should do so quietly without disturbing any other students.

7. Class assignments are to be turned in promptly the day they are due. Late papers may receive lower grades (according to the discretion of each teacher).

8. Radios, walkmans, tape players, etc., are not allowed on the school premises.

9. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the school premises.

10. Help keep our school clean by placing trash in the trash containers and picking up trash, even if you did not throw it down. Each student is responsible to clean up his/her eating area before leaving the lunchroom. All classrooms MUST be clean before any students can leave for home. This is to be done daily with no exceptions.

11. Students should address members of the administration, faculty, staff, and their spouses with Mr., Mrs., or Miss at all times. (Exception would be staff members whose children are students).

12. Students will not be permitted to make phone calls. If there is an emergency, the teacher will place the call.

13. Students will not be called to the phone during class hours, unless it is an emergency.

14. No staff member will be allowed to administer any medicines to any student for headaches, fevers, or any other reasons, without parental authorization. All medicines will be kept and administered by authorized staff members.

15. Students are not to engage in public display of affection while on the school premises. Boy-girl relationships are discouraged.

16. Eph. 4:29 says to speak edifying words and not corrupt words; therefore, name calling, cursing, foul language of any sorts, and complaining is unacceptable.


All students who attend will be required to dress with cleanliness and modesty as becomes a Christian. No extremes will be tolerated. Clothing or other articles which by their nature distract or disrupt the classroom procedure will not be permitted. Shoes must be worn at all times when present on school property.


Loose-fitting jeans or dress pants. Tight knit pants are not allowed.

Dresses and split skirts are to be below the knee. Slits in skirts must not go above the knee.

Blouses, shirts, dresses must have full sleeves. Tops with bare midriff, low necklines, thin-strapped or off-the-shoulder styles are not allowed.

All tops are to be long enough so they could be tucked in.

All shirts or dresses that have buttons must be buttoned to within one button from the top.

Dresses/skirts are to be worn on chapel days.

No tight fitting skirts and no shorts.  Shorts that are long enough may be wore only for gym.


Loose fitting jeans or dress pants. No shorts except for gym time. A belt must be worn with pants that require it. T-shirts and casual dress shirts. No muscle shirts or tank tops are to be worn. Shirt-tails must be tucked in if the shirt is so cut.

Hair should be neatly trimmed-not beyond the top of a collar.

Earrings are unacceptable.

Dress shirt and tie are to be worn on chapel days.

All clothing with good slogans are acceptable. It must display decency and modesty and meet the approval of the school.

Noncompliance to the dress code will mean that the student will sent home to put on proper clothes and not be allow back  in school without proper clothing.



It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation for their children to and from school.

Transportation request forms for riding the public school buses are available.


A written excuse, signed by parent or guardian; must be presented to the teacher when a student returns to school after an absence.

Planned absences should be cleared with the teachers by the parents, as this may require added homework.

Parents must call the school office prior to the beginning of the school day if a student is going to be absent.

Doctor, dental and other appointments should be made after school hours. Written excuses must be presented to the principal if appointments have to be scheduled during school hours.

We discourage students being taken out of school earlier than dismissal time.

An important part of a child's education is learning discipline and the ability to take responsibility. Parents play an important role in helping their child develop good habits for a well-disciplined life. Continually being tardy is not good training for any child. Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated.

Physical Education is a requirement by the State of New York for all grades. Therefore, every student must participate in all Phy Ed classes. A written excuse from the parent must be given to the teacher before class starts if a student is to be excused from Phy Ed. Good sportsmanship is to be shown at all times.


VCA desires to maintain discipline which is firm, consistent, fair and tempered with love. It is our goal to maintain standards of behavior in the classroom through kindness, love and a genuine regard for the student.

Minor violations will result in a detention.

Major violations or repeated offenses may result in suspension

or expulsion by the administration.

In establishing Victory Christian Academy, we are endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit as we are about the Master's business. We desire to see your child be all that God wants them to be. We feel providing quality education will help to achieve that goal.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

"Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right."

Proverbs 20:11


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