From the Desk of the President

Of the more than fifty prophets of years gone by, Elisha was the only one to follow the Elijah of his day. Because of his faithfulness, he alone received a double portion of what Elijah had, along with the mantle of Almighty God. We here at The "King’s" College desire to train up both men and women to become the Elisha’s of tomorrow. With this goal in mind, we will do everything possible to help you reach your highest goals in God.

This is the hour of the Holy Ghost and we must be able to flow in the gifts of the Spirit. Our total over-all purpose is to teach our students to flow in the Holy Ghost on a continual, moment by moment walk. When we know God’s voice, we can move with confidence, assurance and faith in everything we do.

The vision at The "King’s" College is to bring out of you, the anointing and calling that God has already place within you. We do not want to change your calling, only equip you with the skills necessary to cause that office to come into full bloom. Every calling is different and needs individual training. Each ministry gift operates as a separate personality, yet works together with other gifts to form one complete ministry.

We hope that you will seriously consider becoming a part of the opportunities available here at The "King’s" College. We know that you will grow into everything God has called you to be.

We look forward to hearing from you!

In His Service,

Dr. Donald Evans



2910 Douglas Rd Cortland,N.Y. 13045 (607) 756-5770

Distinctively Different

The "King’s" College not only provides a solid foundation in Gods Word, but also gives the personal help needed to help develop your individual ministry. Some of these areas include: preaching, teaching, evangelist, missionary, music, children’s church, song leading3 prophet, apostle, ministry of helps, and youth leader. That is our difference- "specific training for a specific calling."

We here at The "King’s" College desire to know what God has personally called you into. We do not want to know what man has said, but what God has told you. Far too many missionaries are pastoring churches, because other people’s opinions influenced their decision. We have teachers trying to be Evangelists today. No wonder the church does not have the power it should have. A Ford car does not run on Chevy parts.

All one needs to do is call other colleges and see if they offer courses just in the "Singing Ministry" or for the "Evangelist" and they will find that very few do. God has placed these ministries in the body of Christ to minister to our needs. Other colleges have a set program with very few options. Everyone called of God should be able to receive assistance in developing their ministry. This is exactly why we founded The "King’s" College.


The intent of this college is to teach the truths of the Bible, while creating an atmosphere conducive to Christian maturity. This college endeavors to impress upon its students, that sound Biblical knowledge must always be found in conduct, conversation and character. Students are strongly exhorted to be faithful in all areas of their lives, which includes consistent personal devotions, in outside activities, during all class sessions and in Sunday church worship.

Statement of Faith

We are a non-denominational charismatic college that will not compromise the word of God. We are part of the fellowship of autonomous, evangelical churches with roots in the very beginning of the Pentecostal movement here in the United States. We view ourselves as called of God to share in the mutual Christian care and practical cooperation in carrying out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. We affirm our commitment to both the local church autonomy and inter church co-operation as biblical norms for our life and ministry. We also affirm our call to work in the spirit of love and unity with all true believers within the Kingdom of God.

We Believe

(1) The Bible is the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.

(2) There is one God, eternally existent in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

(3) In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ which includes; His virgin birth; His sinless life; His miracles; His vicarious atoning death through His shed blood; His bodily resurrection; His ascension to the right hand of the Father; His personal return in power and in glory.

(4) The justification by faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ and regeneration by the Holy Spirit are absolutely essential for the salvation of lost and sinful man.

(5) The prime agency for the work of God’s kingdom is the Christian local church.

(6) In the present ministry of the Holy Spirit which includes: the baptism in the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience from regeneration; His indwelling, whereby the Christian is enabled to live a Godly life; His supernatural gifting and empowering of the church for its work, life and worship.

(7) In the return of Christ Jesus to establish his kingdom on this earth.

(8) In the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Programs of Study

Classes are Spirit lead and have small student-teacher ratios. The first year students will all take the same courses. A one year Bible degree is given to those who have completed those required classes. The second year Bible students will have both required courses and personalized instruction in one of these areas: Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Ministry, Evangelist, Children’s Church, Music Ministry, Song Leader, Missionary and Ministry of Helps. Upon completion of the courses for your ministry, you will receive a Bachelors of Theology Degree. We also offer a Masters of Theology that can be completed in three years. Doctorates of Theology are offered for those interested in further study. As part of the training, students will be given opportunities to minister in Chapel, churches, jails, rest homes, radio, TV, camp meetings, and on overseas missions trips.


We feel that we have some of the best spiritual leaders today. These are Holy Ghost filled and empowered men and women of God who teach with authority and wisdom. Our personnel are well capable to train up the Elisha’s of tomorrow. A list of personnel is found at the back of this catalog.


Each academic year contains four quarters. The school year starts Labor Day Weekend and ends 36 weeks later, in May. Each quarter is eight weeks long.


The "King’s" College is situated on the grounds of Reigning Miracle Ministry,Inc. Our college is located in the heart of central New York State in beautiful Cortland County. Facilities available include dormitories, classrooms, a library, a bookstore, a student lounge with game room and, of course, a chapel. (Some not yet established, as of 9/2007).

Located nearby are four golf courses and three ski centers. Three scenic New York State Parks with gorges, trails and waterfalls are within a forty five minute drive. We also encourage the use of local athletic facilities which include, baseball field, basketball and volleyball court, pool and track. We encourage athletic participation by both men and women. We want to minister to the whole person in spirit, soul and body.


Will soon be established on grounds, but until then local student house is available within 15 minutes of college. Should be open in 2011!!

Tuition and Fees

We try to keep our tuition as low as possible and yet meet our financial responsibilities. This is necessary to keep the quality comparable to other fine distinguished colleges. Our tuition is very reasonable amounting to under $75.00 per week if paid for 36 weeks. If paid during the school months, the amount is approximately $300 a month, for 9 months. The yearly tuition is $2,700 which does not included room and board. (Room & Board will be $2800.00 when established. This should be in 2011-2012. You can live off campus and save the room and board with permission from the Dean. There will be a $10 returnable room key price returned when the key is retuned. Additional costs for books and miscellaneous items will not exceed $500.00 a year and some courses can be put on a CD for you for a small handling charge of $5 a course, or under $100 for the year. Special prices are given to husband and wife teams and individual class prices are available upon request.  Arrangements for financial payments, whether by week, month, quarter or the full year, must be made prior to the start of any school term. We do have some work jobs to help in paying your tuition, this is limited and on a first come basis. We are here to assist you and will be more than happy to work out installments with you or your family. We do have a discount for children of those already in full time ministry.

Daily Schedule

(Schedule set according to the school year.) (Night schedule right now, but ending in 2011. There will be some night courses offered as free e3xtras).

Breakfast 7 AM - 7:45

Chapel 8:00 - 9:00

First Class 9:05 - 10:00

Second Class 10:05 - 11:00

Third Class 11:05 - 12:00

Lunch 12 PM - 1:00

Free Time/Extra Classes from 1:00 - 5:00

Supper 5:00 - 6:00

Study Time 6:00 - 7:30

Free Time 7:30 - 10:00

Prayer Time at Chapel 10:00 - 10:30

Ready For Bed 11:00 - 11:30

Lights Out at 11:30

Monday through Saturday, there will be prayer in the Chapel at 10:00PM. The purpose is to cause the student to develop consistency in a quiet time before the Lord. Sunday through Thursday night, all lights will be out and rooms at 11:30. Friday and Saturday lights out are extended until 12:30. Saturday and Sunday are free days except for the Chapel services on Sunday. At times there will be Special Events and the above schedule will vary according to the type of activity being held. Students will be in all services unless they have permission from the Dean.

Class Requirements:

Attendance is mandatory in all classes and for Chapel services. Grades are determined by the following grading scale: A 100-93; B 92-86; C 85-77; D 76-70, F below 70. Late papers will drop your letter grade by one grade point for that paper. Failure to turn in a paper will result in an incomplete for that class. Anyone desiring to work must receive permission and carry a C average. Being more than ten minutes late for a class constitutes an absence. Three absences per term (without permission) is given an incomplete for that class.

Student Guidelines

The following rules on the surface may appear restrictive, however without them, there is no true freedom. The Bible is our "text book" when it comes to Christian guidelines. We do not apologize for carrying out the uncompromised Word of God. Many churches have lowered their Christian standards, but we will remain firm in ours. We expect our students to live a holy life in speech and action, which is only fitting for a child of the most high God. Refusal to submit to these guidelines will result in dismissal.

We do not allow "dating" as the world teaches dating. We do believe in friendship between both sexes and do encourage friendship. We see courtship as the biblical truth for those who believe they have found the mate that God has for them. While here, if one believes they have found their mate, both parties must receive permission to "court" from the Dean of man or women. They must also receive permission from the Dean, their parents and their Pastor. If you date while at home, that is your parent’s responsibility not ours. 

Women’s Appearance

Appropriate attire in classroom settings and chapel services includes dresses, skirts and dresses (at or below the knee), sweaters, blouses and shoes (not sneakers). During free time casual slacks and dress jeans are permitted. During sporting activities shorts and t-shirts with a Christian design are allowed. Tight clothing, cutoffs, short shorts and t-shirts are all unacceptable. All clothing should be neat, clean and modest.

Concerning other aspects of a women’s appearance, excessive jewelry is not allowed. Hair must be conservative and neat, not wildly styled. The length should be an appropriate woman’s length. Make-up is allowed if lightly applied. 

Men’s Appearance

Acceptable clothing in classroom settings includes dress pants, shirts and ties, sweaters with dress shoes. During free time, casual slacks and suitable jeans are allowed. Shorts and t-shirts with a Christian design are permitted during athletic activities. All clothing must be modest, neat and clean and not tight fitting. Hair must not be long and should be neatly combed. Earrings are not permitted for men. Wild hair or clothing styles are inappropriate for Christian men.

General Conduct:

A Student Handbook will be given to each student upon acceptance, outlining in more specific detail information concerning academic, financial and social guidelines. These are just some of the highlights we felt were important for your decision making process.

Admission Requirements

All applicants are considered for admission regardless of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin. Applicants must have experienced the new life found in a relationship with Christ Jesus (Being Born Again) and desire a deepening of that relationship, along with greater sensitivity and obedience to the Holy Spirit. This is a Full Gospel College and being baptized in the Holy Spirit should be excepted as normal relationship. They must also be willing to submit to the training that is required to accomplish this task of preparing them for ministry.

A thoroughly completed application must be sent along with a $50 nonrefundable registration fee. This covers the cost of the paper work we need to do for your enrolment. A copy of your high school diploma along with transcripts from any colleges attended should also be included in the application. The application must be received at least a month before the anticipated enrollment date. The "King’s" College reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason it deems sufficient. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be through the mail. We do except those without a high school diploma. 

Description of Courses

Doctrine I

This is a foundational course that will teach you the basic Christian principles of sin, salvation, water baptism, baptism of Holy Ghost and the Godhead.

Doctrine II

The theme of this foundational course will be the power of the blood and the blood covenant.

Doctrine III

The primary topic covered in this course will be knowing the voice of God.

Doctrine IV

A variety of church functions, such as the church government and the five-fold ministry will be discussed in this class.

Study Methods

A class designed to help you develop skills needed to fulfill your class assignments. You will learn various tools available to help develop and aid your learning process. This is an invaluable class for every ministry.


This class will help you understand what faith is, how it operates, and the different types of faith described in the Bible. All these topics and many more will be covered, causing your own faith to be increased.

Authority of the Believer

The purpose of this class is to understand what authority we have as a believer, why we have it and how to use it.

Life of Christ

This class closely examines the life of Jesus as written of in the four Gospels. If we are to pattern our life after His, we need to completely understand His life.

Controlling the Tongue

A study of what the Bible has to say about speech and why we have to control our tongue. A ministry will never be what God desires if a person can not control his/her tongue.

Men of Faith

A study of many different men in the Bible and how they used their faith. As we investigate their lives, we will learn how to live victoriously in the every area of our own life.


An exhaustive study of the Book of Acts. It is manual for the church of Christ and is still being written today.


A study of "good" and "bad" music and how it impacts our lives and church services. There will also be a time of praise and worship.

Mission Survey

A study of the great commission and a look at the life of a missionary.


This is a fun filled time of putting into action the knowledge we have learned. We will go out to different settings in the community and surrounding cities, bringing the Gospel to those in need.

Book of James

A study of the book of James and the great truths in that book.

Women of Faith

A study of all the great women in the Bible and the faith they used. It will help us understand that women have a ministry just as vital as men. It teaches us how to live a life of faith like they did.

Spiritual Laws

This is a study of the major spiritual laws and how we can live in constant victory as we apply them to our daily life.

Research Paper

Learning the important steps involved in writing a research paper, then applying those steps and actually writing one.

Old Testament Survey

A quick look at the most important points in the Old Testament. An understanding that the Old Testament in found in the New Testament and visa versa.

Getting Prayers Answered

Learning the different types of prayer available to the believer and knowing how to pray effectively.

Old Testament Preaching

Each student will develop a message from the Old Testament and share it with the class. It will be a time of hearing what God has revealed to each student.

The Holy Spirit and His Ministry

Learning the importance of the third person of the trinity and understanding what His ministry is today in the body of Christ. We expect supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit to be in operation during this class.

The Anointing

This class will explain what the anointing is, how vital it is for every ministry. Without the anointing we have nothing to give.

New Testament Preaching

Each student will develop a message from the New Testament and share and with the class what God has placed in your heart.

Pauline Epistles

A complete study of all the Epistles that the Apostle Paul wrote which comprise nearly two-thirds of the New Testament.

A Successful Marriage and Love Life

Topics covered in this class include: Developing agape love, the workings and achievements of love, the proper husband role, the cooperative wife position, and parent-child relationship. This class will prepare you for a lifetime of success in marriage.

Develop Dynamic Christians

This will be one of the most powerful, life changing classes here. It refines character and produces maturity. It provides the finishing touches on any ministry.

Introduction to Prophecy

A look at the prophetic words in the book of Revelations correlating them with the great prophecies found in the Old Testament.


This book will reveal to us now to like Joshua of the Old Testament to move into the promised land.


A look at cults and how to help those who are trapped in them.

Faith’s Greatest Enemies

A study of the enemies that render us useless and powerless. Effective strategies will be developed to overcome those enemies and walk in victory.


A study of our heavenly priesthood found in Christ Jesus.

Service Leading

How to lead a church service and cause people to enter in so the Holy Ghost is free to move.

Senior Seminar

A time when you investigate a current topic (i.e. abortion, gun control) biblically defending your views for classroom discussion.

Who you are in Christ

This class will give you a clear and unshakeable understanding about your position as a child of God.

Supernatural Living

Many aspects of Satan’s purpose will be investigated. This includes understanding his origin, his power, his limitation, his strategies and how to break his strongholds. You will learn the importance of the gift of discerning of spirits.

Praise and Worship

You will gain the ability to distinguish between true and false praise and worship. An understanding of how to produce real worship will be gained.


Learning sound Biblical principles that will teach you how to prosper in every area of your life. This includes a sound financial study that will teach you how to produce the one hundred-fold return. Foundational to the understanding of prosperity is the knowledge that every thing we own is God’s, and that we are only stewards.

Renewing the Mind

Learning how to make your mind line up with what God’s word says. This includes identifying negative teachings and replacing them with the truth. Having the mind of Christ will cause you to walk through all the warfare of the enemy and remain victorious. This class will change your whole life.

Angels and Their Ministry

This class looks at the description of angels and what their function and purpose is both in the ministry and in your personal life. Included are the conditions needed for angelic protection and how to maintain that protection.


A whole range of questions regarding fasting will be answered such as: "Is fasting for today?"; "What benefits do we receive from fasting?" and; "How do I start?". By the close of this class, you will be ready to incorporate fasting into your normal lifestyle.

End Time Faith

Deals with the type of faith we are going to need to live in these last days.

Attitude for Learning

No matter what level we are in Christ, we must always maintain an attitude of being teachable. This class will teach you how to develop a life long spirit of learning.


These classes offered in the second and third year, help you prepare for the specific ministry God has called you into. For example, if your calling was to be a pastor, you would spend time researching the duties and ministry of a pastor. This would include writing one Term Paper, reading books, watching videos, working with a pastor, and a final examination. All your study would deal with the ministry of a pastor. You would attend lectures and spend time with a pastor as his personal helper. Regardless of the ministry God has called you into, there will be subjects in that field for your personal study and development. By the time these two years are over, you will be well developed in the ministry God has called you into. It would normally take someone five or more years after graduation to receive what you will receive and learn in these two years. There will be a lot of work involved, but you will find it fun and enjoyable, because it is what God has called you to do.

We have other classes not listed here. Every class is developed by God for your maturity. The Holy Ghost has total freedom to move however He so desires in all our classes. We are a Holy Ghost filled college and you'll see the freedom and moves of the Holy Spirit whenever He so desires to move. Our Staff is here to offer you all the personal help you need. You are not just another number here! You are family and we are here to treat you like family and help you reach your personal goals!


This is a list of our core faculty. They make up the nucleus of the teaching staff here at The "King’s" College. However, this list is not exclusive and many other qualified visiting faculty members and alumni contribute significantly, and they have not been listed here. We would be happy to send you a list of our extended faculty upon request. We do 95% of all our own Text Books. Some are being used in other colleges, both here and overseas as well. Below is a list of our major staff:

Dr. Donald D. Evans Sr.

Seattle Bible College, Bachelor of Theology - valedictorian

International Non-denominational Assembly of God Bible Institute (IAGI), Masters of Theology

Salt Bible College, Doctor of Theology - With Honors

Vision Christian University - Doctor of Christian Education

A faithful and much sought after Teacher, Evangelist, Prohet, and Pastor since 1971 with a powerful healing/miracle ministry. He has held crusades throughout the United States and in seventeen foreign countries. He is the author of ninty books and 75 text books. Founder and Pastor of Victory Christian Center, in NYS. He founded the "Word Of Life" Bible college, Lighthouse Ministries, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Eagles Youth Ministry, Women Of The Word, Victory Christian Academy, pioneered seven churches, and founded The "King’s" College.  Founded Reigning Miracle Ministry Inc. in Cortland, NY. He ministered on the Radio 16 years, is on the Honorary Board to World Outreach Ministry Foundation. A man of Great faith. Flows in the Office of a Prophet. 

Dr. Dennis E. Forehand

Seattle Bible College, Bachelor of Theology - Valedictorian

Word Of Life Bible College, Master of Theology

Salt Bible College, Doctor of Theology

He was Assistant Pastor for the famed "Duluth Gospel Tabernacle" in Duluth, Mm. He traveled with the "King’s Brass" ministering with trombone. He is currently the Associate Pastor and cofounder of Victory Christian Center, cofounder of the "King’s" College here in NYS. He has a strong worship ministry and has written worship courses. Strong teaching ministry and flows in the gift of prophecy. A man loved by all. 

Carol Forehand

Seattle Bible College, Bachelor of Christian Education

The "King's" College,  Master of Christian Education

Word of Life Bible College, Master of Christian Education. 

Flows in the gift of the Word of Wisdom, music, and teaching. Founded "Victorious Women" which edifies and unites women through prayer, Bible Study, and preaching, so that they will become victorious in every area of their lives. She is currently the Head teacher of Victory Christian Academy. She is also the mother of seven children which are all going full speed for God. Her oldest four have their degrees from different Bible Colleges and are here working with us.

David L. Evans

Seattle Bible College, Three Year Diploma in Bible Studies

The "King’s" College, Bachelor of Theology

The "King’s" College, Master of Theology

          The "King’s College, Doctorate of Theology

David has worked as a Youth Leader both here and in the State of Washington and Arkansas along with a "Children’s Church Ministry". He plays in the church orchestra. Writes his own Text Books. A gifted teacher and loved by all. Flows in the gifts of the Spirit and open to whatever God has. A down to earth teacher who has worked hard for all he has received. Likes to be know as "Dave".

Gwen Forehand

Two Years Elam Bible Institute

The "King’s" College, Bachelor of Thelogy

The "King’s" College, Master of Thelogy

The "King’s" College, Doctorate of Thelogy

Gwen is very gifted in music and as a teacher. She is our worship leader and has ministered in 7 states in song and miracles. She flows in the Office of a Prophetess, with the gift of knowledge. You’ll enjoy her classes. She traveled for two years with the Servants out of  Elam Bible Institute. She has written many worship courses used here and else where and is in high demand to led worship and flow in the office of a prophetess. Worship ministry is her main ministry!

There are others who help and they are all outstanding in their ministries. We have proven ministries here to help develop you into ALL God wants you to be. We've been doing this for over 20 years.

Remember, youre family here. The "King’s" College, where eagles soar and giants are molded.

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